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Savannah Lee
Writer, Content Marketing
December 20, 2019

Here at Pillar HQ, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure our entire community can join our Early Access program, turbocharging their wallets with the power of smart contracts and experience the magic of the Pillar Payment Network for the first time…

Back in September we launched our Early Access program for the Pillar Smart Wallet. The goal was to allow a lucky few Pillaristas to experiment with the new version of our beloved wallet so that any glitches could be quickly ironed out.

Now, just in time to celebrate the 1st anniversary of our app release, we’re opening up Early Access for everyone — and have added some extra goodies (features) just in time for Christmas… 🎁

BTC support has landed 🚀🌗

That’s right… You can now send, receive and store bitcoin via the Pillar Smart Wallet!

Simply join Early Access and then the (crypto) world’s your oyster!

So, how do I join the Early Access program?

Getting access to these unreleased features is easy:

📲 Open your Pillar App

➡️ Go to settings

➡️ Join the Early Access program

✅ You’re done — it’s that easy. 😎

You should now have access to the Smart Wallet and Pillar Payment Network.

Get a feel for the Pillar Payment Network!

Now for the first time, every single Pillarista can experience the magic of fast, free and private crypto transactions.

Our homegrown Pillar Payment Network is a multi-asset exchange, allowing you to swap your PLR for any other cryptocurrency, making it the last token you’ll ever need.

You just fill up your PLR Tank, and whenever you want to make purchases or exchange it for other coins, you can do so in a few simple taps — all without leaving the Pillar Wallet or having to jump between hoops to get the coins you want.

Check out how it works

What’s the big deal about the Smart Wallet anyway?

By using smart contracts to power your wallet, we make it even easier to keep your crypto safe and secure, while also making it more customizable.

Smart contract wallets allow us to store your funds in the blockchain cloud (software), instead of storing it on your phone (hardware).

This change will make it super easy to restore your Pillar Wallet and gain access to your funds should you lose access to your phone.

Using a smart contract as your account, you will still have full control over your funds, but your phone will only be used to access and manage all of your assets, rather than store them.

What else can you do with your Smart Wallet?

Pillar Smart Wallet for Dummies Pt. I

With a smart wallet, you can set up multiple accounts with their own unique addresses and private keys. You can also set spending limits, freeze your funds, have different spending personas and even enable account recovery.

The Pillar Wallet you’ve come to know and love is only going to get better with this migration to smart-contract based accounts.

So what are you waiting for… unwrap your new gift!

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