Pillar joins the Messari Disclosure Registry

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Savannah Lee
Writer, Content Marketing
June 10, 2020

Transparency has always been at the very core of Pillar, that’s why we’ve joined Messari - an open-source database for verified decentralized projects.

As part of our commitment to being open-source we want to ensure that our supporters and larger community are included in, have access to and can track Pillar’s progress and performance. Listing on the Messari Disclosure Registry was therefore an obvious choice for us - something we had to do to ensure that this information is not provided just twice a year, during our General Meetings, but on an ongoing basis.

Messari is basically a standardized database that lists verified decentralized projects - a crypto version of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database. The database lists project information and has tools and research, allowing investors, stakeholders and regulators to make informed decisions when doing due diligence.

From now on, we’ll be voluntarily disclosing information regarding our roadmap, regulation, team and contributors, tokens, launch, consensus and emission, technology, security and governance.

This information can then be freely accessed by anyone - even you.

View our Messari profile here…

By disclosing details about Pillar with Messari, we are helping to strengthen trust in the Web3 space overall, by contributing to and facilitating standardized diligence processes for decentralized projects, investors and regulators.

What this essentially means is that Pillar users can now track our progress more regularly and with more transparency thanks to this listing.

Why this listing matters

Our Messari listing will also help us reach new audiences who might have not been aware of Pillar Project otherwise. Messari will promote our project through its Telegram AMAs which have over 1,500 dedicated followers. They’ll also be promoting us through their podcasts, newsletters and Twitter. All of these channels combined will potentially expose 40k+ new users to Pillar.

This is in addition to our General Meetings and AMAs demonstrate our commitment to being an open-source, transparent platform that truly empowers our users by giving them the option to become active participants in our project.

Touching on that, it’s probably a good time to remind you that we’ll soon be announcing the date for our Summer General Meeting, which will be held in July.

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