Pillaristas, “hold” us accountable! Always.

Written by
Parthasarathy Ramanujam
April 9, 2019

It all started when Pablo posted a YouTube video of Pillar Wallet integrated with Facebook. This was the start of a series of posts that the marketing team had charted out as part of our April Fool ’s day prank. We had expected a violent backlash from our community, but what followed was totally unexpected by any of us at Pillar.

Sign-in with Facebook to your Pillar Wallet? Here’s what you should know.

Many comments to that video of Pablo were positive or neutral, we hardly received any negative feedback and those that were critical missed the point completely.

The responses to our prank had me thinking the following:

We request the community to always judge us and be critical of us. Yes, features are important but please also verify whether we are staying true to our vision on privacy and decentralization.

As Vitor explained in his previous blog, there is a bit of centralization built-into the Pillar Wallet, which we are actively working to change. We do however request our community to continually check and validate if any new feature we implement affects your privacy or decentralization in any manner.

For example:

The journey to claim back all our data is a long one and it CANNOT be achieved just by the click of a button (no matter how hard we try and want it to be that easy).

This Project is larger than any single one of us, the last thing we need is for the data to be taken off from Facebook, Amazon, etc. and then handed over to another new demon! So yes, “trust but verify”.

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