Pillar’s 2020 vision for real humans 🔭

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Savannah Lee
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March 11, 2020

We’re taking Pillar to the moon. Our 2020 vision outlines all the collaborations, partnerships and features that will give Pillar the fuel it needs to reach new heights 🚀

From experimenting with DeFi and DAOs, to growing our user base, to building out personal data management solutions… we’ve got BIG plans for Pillar this year.

Since we have many partnerships, collaborations and features lined up, we’ve broken this article into 5 sections:

  1. Growth, partnerships and collaborations: Building the Pillar Ecosystem
  2. Building the Personal Data Locker: Control your identity
  3. DAOs: Introducing democracy to Pillar via DAOHaus
  4. DeFi: Pillar Joins the DeFi revolution
  5. Enhancements to the Pillar Smart Wallet: Updates to the Offers Engine and PPN, crypto insurance plus much more!

1. Growth, partnerships and collaborations: Building the Pillar Ecosystem 🌏

This year we’re all about growing the Pillar Ecosystem through new and exciting partnerships and collaborations.

We’ve partnered with some exciting projects to help us reach new audiences, and grow our user-base so that we can achieve world domination in 2020 🤓

Pillar has been selected as the main wallet partner for DankMemes! 👾

DankMemes owns and operates over a dozen popular groups on Facebook with a total of 15.2 million followers (… and counting 😉)!

The DankMemes team recently released a series of mobile games where their community can earn loyalty points and redeem them for physical items — like AirPods and iPods!

Seeing an opportunity to introduce crypto to their massive community, our team decided to create an ERC20 token that will be pegged 1:1 to the points on their internal platform…

So with a partnership with the Abridged.io team, we’re developing a dedicated web wallet to serve Dank and its users.

We’re partnering with 1World as their primary wallet partner for their data sharing platform! 📲

1World Online has been working on a solution to incentivise alignment between publishers (online platforms), advertisers (brands) and their audiences (you) by providing interactive ad placements in the form of polls, surveys, quizzes.

The 1World platform rewards users with crypto for engaging with ads and sharing their anonymised data with brands.

This groundbreaking solution increases ad engagement and more accurate data collection.

We are also exploring native integration of 1World. You would be rewarded with PLR tokens for anonymously answering polls and surveys for different brands looking to do market research!

We see this as a big step towards building a data sharing economy that benefits everyone.

We’re working with Ocean Protocol to kick-start the new data economy! 💰

In a major step towards the new data-economy, we are exploring a native implementation of Ocean’s data marketplace which will allow you to access, control and monetize your data.

Ocean is building a protocol that will allow big data to be exchanged safely — via a decentralized data marketplace — without any of the security or privacy risks that we face today!

We’ve been working with their team to support this new token standard, which includes an encryption/decryption layer. This layer will help guarantee traceability, transparency and privacy during the exchange of big data between organizations, governments and even individuals.

2. Building the Personal Data Locker: Control your identity 🔑

Our long term vision has always been to design a personal data management solution that will give you greater control over your identity.

We’ve spent the last two years laying the foundations for a decentralized solution that will allow you to own, control and manage your data.

This year, we’re finally going to be building out and integrating features that will empower Pillaristas to take back control of their personal information…

Capture and control your personal data thanks to Textile 🎣

The Textile team has been building a solution that aims to reverse the flow of data, so that the users who create the data, also capture it. This means that you’ll be able to decide if a piece of your personal information should be shared, and if so, with whom, where and when.

We’ll be integrating the solution straight into the Pillar app so that you can easily and securely manage all your data and information, instead of big brands and corporations.

Confirming ownership of your data: Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) 👁

To verify that you own your data, and that all your information is accurate, we’re also introducing DIDs and VCs.

A DID is a self-sovereign unique identifier that allows you to verify ownership of your data to another entity. DIDs are issued, owned and controlled by you — unlike legacy identifiers like passport numbers and driver’s licence numbers.

DIDs don’t contain any personal data themselves, but can be used to verify who data belongs to.

We’re also adopting the Verifiable Credentials (VCs) specification. VCs are third-party guarantees that your personal data is accurate. They can be issued by a university for example, to verify that someone completed a degree.

VCs can be stored in your wallet or identity hub, and can be used to prove to someone else that your personal data is accurate.

Ron explains more on how DIDs and VCs enable self-sovereign identities… Check out his article here


3. DAOs: Introducing a new kind of democracy to Pillar 🏛

Last year, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) took off in the ethereum community!

These smart-contract based platforms remove the need for executives or top-down management structures in companies.

With DAOs the ‘power’, or governance, is handled completely by the shareholders or active members themselves. The more shares one owns in a DAO, the more voting power they will have.

Once voting has been made, the smart contract executes automatically, with no need to rely on executives to fulfil the wishes of the community.

VOTE yes! We’re teaming up with DaoHaus to explore how DAOs can help Pillar grow 🙋🏻‍♀️

We hope that we can optimize our ambassador group coordination by giving active members of the Pillar community the option to vote on, and fund our marketing initiatives.

In collaboration with the DAOHaus team, we want to introduce the first ‘Action Network’, an evolution of a social network, where ‘likes’ are replaced by ‘votes’, with users who have PLR putting their money where their mouth is.

4. Pillar joins the DeFi revolution ⛓💱

We believe decentralized finance platforms will help make access to important financial services more open and inclusive to everyone!

This aligns with our goal to remove unnecessary intermediaries and make financial services available to everyone no matter their background or economic position.

So this year, our team is going to be focusing heavily on integrating some of the best DeFi platforms for every Pillar user to enjoy and experiment with…

Lend your crypto and earn passive interest with Aave! 🌱

Through a partnership with Aave, Pillaristas will soon be able to deposit tokens and earn passive interest straight from the Pillar app. Aave is a decentralized, lending and borrowing marketplace where users can participate as depositors or borrowers.

Depositors loan tokens to the Aave market, and earn interest in the form of Aave tokens. These interest bearing tokens are pegged 1:1 to the value of the underlying asset, and increase in balance rather than in value.

This means that Pillaristas who deposit funds to the Aave marketplace will see their Aave balance go up in their wallet! Aave tokens are easily transferable as well, so you can easily redirect the interest stream to another wallet address — maybe a friend’s, maybe a second-wallet!

Go in the draw to WIN crypto in no-loss LOTTERY with PoolTogether 🤑

We’re partnering with PoolTogether so that you can have the chance to WIN crypto every single week.

Lottery winnings are created by interest that is generated from the pooled funds of all participants. Each Friday, a winner is awarded all the interest that has been earned since the last drawing.

Users can enter the lottery simply by buying a savings ticket, which costs 1 DAI ($1). Even if users don’t win, they’re still in control of the initial DAI they invested, and don’t lose anything. Sounds like a good deal, right?

We’re teaming up with Sablier so that you can get paid in real-time 💰X ⌚️

Sick of waiting for your pay to arrive? Sablier have developed a solution that is changing the way we pay and get paid.

Their unique payment streaming solution addresses the problems with archaic salary payout scheduling.

Thanks to Sablier, payees will soon be able to request streaming by the minute, quarter hour, hour or daily — giving you more control and access to your earnings. This real-time money streaming tool can also be used for freelance contracting, taxes, rent and any other sort of subscription!

Automate your trading with TokenSets 🤖

TokenSets allow traders and crypto users to automate asset management strategies simply by acquiring a token.

The underlying Set protocol allows users to group together different tokens and merge them into one token that represents and is collateralized by its underlying parts.

TokenSets are entirely trustless, as smart contracts autonomously hold the underlying tokens as collateral — meaning there is no counterparty risk.

For the first time, anyone in the world can subscribe to automated portfolio strategies without the need to sign up for a bank exchange or brokerage accounts.

The TokenSets team have also introduced SocialSets which will allow you to select trading strategies designed by other individuals including some of the top traders and influencers in the space. We’ll be implementing this neat solution right into the Pillar app too.

5. Enhancements to the Pillar Smart Wallet

Beyond partnerships and integrations, we’re making a number of groundbreaking upgrades to our core wallet that will make it even EASIER, SAFER and more FUN to explore the exciting world of crypto and DeFi…

The metaness will soon be unleashed! Pay your gas with PLR ⛽️

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to interact with the world of DeFi.

Soon you’ll be able to pay all on-chain network fees in PLR instead of ETH. This will make interacting with the world of DeFi and crypto even easier for all our users. You will soon be able to operate their wallet, send funds and collectibles and deploy their Smart Wallets with PLR!

We’re partnering with ENS to make receiving ETH easy AF! 🤑

Every Pillarista is about to have an ETH address that is easy to read, type and share!

We’re rolling out support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) names… meaning that SOON you will have an ETH address that is easy to read, type and share!

Pillarista’s will be issued a Pillar.eth subdomain based on your Pillar username where you can receive any Ethereum based asset.

The Pillar interface is getting a facelift 💄

Our design team has been working hard on designing and improving the look and feel of the Pillar Smart Wallet…

Some of the design updates we’re most excited about are:

Support for multiple languages is coming to Pillar 🇫🇷

We are getting ready to introduce additional languages and support for the Pillar app. Initially, we’ll be introducing latin based languages, but we hope to expand our language options even further in time.

Making crypto more recoverable with our Web Recovery Portal 💻

As part of our Smart Wallet release we’ll be rolling out a dedicated web portal. You’ll soon be able to set up a secondary access key to your personal smart contract!

Once set up, you’ll be able to use the web portal to lock/remove access to your primary wallet key and assign access to a new key or device once you have a replacement.

This is a step forward in enhancing security and functionality for Pillar Smart Wallets, and our first step towards supporting a complete web-based wallet platform!

Secure your crypto with Smart Wallet Insurance 🚑

For the first time ever, Pillar will be introducing a premium service feature! We’re partnering with Nexus Mutual to introduce insurance to the Pillar Smart Wallet.

We’re still ironing out the details, but for a small monthly PLR fee, you will be able to purchase an insurance coverage plan to secure any crypto in your Pillar wallet!

Buy from ANYONE… Pillar is introducing peer-to-peer functionality 👥

We’re developing a simple smart contract that allows users to securely engage in peer-to-peer trades for ERC20 tokens.

Pillaristas will be able to set a price and the quantity of the token they are looking to sell and other users can agree to purchase.

These contracts have been especially designed as a “fill-or-kill” deal, meaning the buyer MUST make the entire offer or it won’t be accepted.

Upgrades are coming to our Offers Engine: New DEXs, BTC and push notifications! 📲

This year, we’re adding Kyber, Airswap, 1inch, Bancor to our Offers Engine!

We’re also going to slowly roll out push notifications. Eventually if a token hits a certain price on any DEX or Swap Exchange listed in the Offer’s Engine, you’ll get an instant notification on your device.

We’re also introducing pairs for BTC and other coins that will be supported by Pillar.

Interact with PPN in more places thanks to Connext Network ⛓

We’re in conversation with the Connext Network team regarding how we can support the emerging state channel standard. Pillaristas who use the Pillar Payments Network (PPN) will soon be able to use the PPN to transact between different wallets and dapps. Users will also be able to use the PPN when using games, dapps, identity and IoT hardware and more.

You can track our progress

Check the status on the features you’re most excited about by visiting our notion board…

Pillar Project Roadmap

2020 and beyond… 🚀

As you can see, we’re well on our way to building the future of finance, but it won’t stop there.

We want to make controlling and managing your financial assets, personal data and entire digital identity as easy as possible.

We envision a future where anyone can reap the rewards of an open and inclusive financial system. A future where you benefit from your personal data — not massive corporation — and where your personal data is not at risk of being exposed or stolen.

Join the revolution today! 💪

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